A New Day, A New Blog…

February 20, 2017

Greetings, and welcome to the newest feature of the site, a blog!

I admit that I struggled with the decision as to whether or not I should be blogging.  Does the internet really need another blog from a fledgling author, struggling to promote their work and sharing their thoughts about their own writing process?

It seems that whether the internet needs it or not…here it is.

So it seems like I’ll use this, my first blog post, to set some ground rules.

First, all blog posts will be written by the site’s author – William J. Fiorilli.

Second, I will try to be as entertaining as I can, but you should probably expect lots of shameless self promotion, boring thoughts about writing, and maybe a contest or two to give away my work.

Third, I would be happy to use this blog to publicly answer any questions, comments, etc. related to my work – so feel free to reach out to the site via email or twitter with any questions or suggestions.

As a reminder, my first short story ‘Telemetry’ was published one week ago today, and can be purchased here on the site, or on the Amazon Kindle store.  It’s small, but a pretty funny story, and it’s well worth your dollar.  I promise you this – more work is coming.

Please remember to follow/help promote the author however you wish, and thanks for reading and joining me on this adventure!