What’s Next?

February 23, 2017

Ah – What’s Next?  As a devout West Wing fan, this is one of my favorite questions.

One week ago, I launched this site and got my first short story published on Amazon.  It was a proud moment, but seeing nothing but a single short story available on all these author pages is killing me – I want to publish more!  Yesterday!

To challenge myself, I put it out there in writing that I would publish another short story on this site by March 1st.  This only gave me two weeks to work with, and I felt the pain set in almost immediately.  For days I pecked at the running list of ideas I keep in a document called “Spitballin'”, feeling the time ticking on by as idea after idea failed to inspire me.

And then, in that moment that all writers hope for – I had it.  The next idea.  The next story.  I grabbed my ergonomic keyboard, copious amounts of the world’s finest coffee, and set off into a new world…

I’ve been writing every chance I have this week, and the idea has morphed from just another short story…into a great idea for a full length novel.  Maybe several novels…

Long story short, new work is coming, and coming soon.  I may not meet the March 1st deadline I set for myself, but I won’t miss it by much.

This will be a longer work, likely around 15,000 words, and will serve as an opening novella, probably the first of four novellas set in the same ‘universe’.

I know what you’re thinking – you’re not going to do that author thing where you only publish a single book, but you sell it in four parts over time to make more money and build exposure, are you?



Stay tuned, all.  And thanks for reading.