Cover art, and more writing…

February 27th, 2017

Well, the new cover art for Telemetry is live, both here on the site and on Amazon.  You can view it (and hopefully purchase the story for $1), here or on Amazon.  The cover art was created by my very favorite graphic designer, who also happens to be my lovely wife.

Publishing Telemetry was a bit of a dry run for me, a necessary initial product to offer while I created a website, a twitter feed, and learned the ins and outs of publishing on Amazon.  It’s only been two weeks since it was published, and since then I started working on a new story to publish.  As I explored the scope of my new creation, I realized a short story would not be sufficient to tell the tale I had in my head.

So, in a six day writing frenzy, I wrote a 22,000 word opening novella.  It is called Blue Dot, and will serve as Book One of what I’m sure will be The Blue Dot Series.

The tale is now done, and under revision and checking and the thousand other things you have to do before putting it out there, but I think it will be published within the next week.  I hope you all check it out.

Right now I’m struggling with writing a blurb for it, and I’ll give you my early thoughts now to whet your appetites:

‘In an alternate future where most government space ventures including NASA have failed, a new space race is gearing up between SpaceX and a newcomer on the scene.  This opening novella of the Blue Dot Series will explore how humanity got to this point, what comes next, and how far people will go to capitalize on the commercialization of space.”

Meh, it’s bland so far…but I’ll keep working on it.

Want to read an advance copy?  Follow me on Twitter and I might send you a copy.

Back to it.  Enjoy the week!