Blue Dot: Book One Synopsis

March 1, 2017

Well, the editing/revising of Blue Dot: Book One is going very well and I expect a release early next week.  This is a 22,000 word Novella, and will be the introductory story in a new ‘universe’ I intend to create.  Book Two’s outline is being tweaked and I have even started writing some chapter summaries.

Since there is so much attention being paid to SpaceX’s recent announcement about taking tourists for a moon flyby, I’m convinced that my subject matter is very timely, so I wanted to introduce for the first time a full synopsis of Book One:

In an alternate near future, NASA has admitted failure and vacated the ISS.  Russia is on their way out of the game, and China has just suffered a huge setback during an attempted moonshot.  Meanwhile, a new space venture called Blue Dot Inc. has entered the space scene like gangbusters, with a new ship developed in secret and plans to populate multiple inflatable habitats in Low Earth Orbit to bootstrap their way out into the rest of the solar system.  This ripped-from-today’s-headlines tale will explore how humanity got to this point, the laws and treaties which are holding private space ventures back, and how far some companies will go to commercialize their vision through social media and reality TV ventures in space, broadcast back to the people of Earth to entertain, entice, and maybe even horrify them.

This is not hard science fiction, and is readily accessible to old and new fans of the Sci-Fi / Tech thriller genres.

Blue Dot:  Book One launches next week, and will be available for $2.99 on the Amazon Kindle Store, and will be my first work also available for free through Kindle Unlimited.

Join us for this exciting launch, and remember to follow us on Twitter for more updates.  We are using the hashtag #bluedot1 for this launch, and if you tweet this hashtag before next week, we might contact you for a free advance copy!!

I’m very excited and hope you are too.