Blue Dot – A New Synopsis

March 4th, 2017

Well, we’re just days away from launching Blue Dot: Book One.

As promised, I’ve been working on a good blurb/synopsis to describe the book.  Here is my best effort thus far:

It is 2023, and Space is hard.

China’s moonshot has just exploded, NASA has vacated the ISS, and SpaceX is stuck in low earth orbit. 

It seems that mankind’s dreams of conquering the Solar System will never be realized – but then a new private space venture bursts onto the scene.  They have funding, a gorgeous new spacecraft, and a fifty year plan to build and control a space-based economy.  But they don’t seem to care about laws, science, or anything except money…

They are Blue Dot Incorporated, and they plan to fill low earth orbit with space habitats.  Some will be only for the rich, and others will produce and broadcast vicious reality-based entertainment back to the people of Earth. 

Blue Dot: Book One tells the story of how Blue Dot arose, and how a brilliant engineer was deceived into helping them realize their vision.

Space is hard…but Blue Dot is going to make it easy…and worthwhile.

This gripping tale torn straight from today’s headlines is the latest work by Science Fiction Author William J. Fiorilli.


I think it’s much better than the earlier try – but if anyone has any thoughts please feel free to comment below, and maybe win yourself a free copy of Blue Dot!