March 9th, 2017

Well, Blue Dot Book One has been out for only about 3 days, and things are going great so far.  I am picking up steady sales and gathering Twitter followers by the bucketload – I’d like to thank everyone who is taking the time to follow me, which you can do RIGHT HERE.

I promise that I am trying to tweet more actual content rather than just spamming the book cover again and again.  Would love to take some questions over Twitter if anyone has any.

Just want to remind all readers to please take the time and review the book on Amazon however you like, reviews are very necessary to increase sales and other reviews of the book, so if you liked the story please help out a new author.

For Blue Dot Book Two, I have a 4 page document outlining my ideas, and I keep adding to it waiting for that moment of inspiration to strike – I want a good opening scene in that first chapter and I’m not there yet.  I’m not worried though – it will come, it always does.  All writers in this spot need to have confidence, you got this far, and you will get further.

I’m on Long Island, NY and they’re calling for 3-5 inches of fresh snow tommorow….ugh.  Anyone want to help me shovel in exchange for a free book?  🙂

Have a great weekend.