“Telemetry” – A Short Science Fiction Story
($1.00 \ 5,000 words \ 15-20 minutes to read)

A Sci-Fi Short Story

For decades, mankind has listened to the stars, hoping to find a signal.  

But others have been listening for much longer…so long it’s making them kind of crazy.

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The year is 2023.NASA has left the ISS in disgrace, China’s new moonshot has exploded, and SpaceX is still wasting time in low-earth-orbit.  Almost seventy years after the first satellite launch, mankind is still stuck on Earth.

But there’s a new company on the scene.  They have immense funding, a secretly built spacecraft, and morally questionable plans to commercialize the entire solar system.

They are Blue Dot Inc.

And they’re not going to make the same mistakes everyone else did.