William J. Fiorilli is a Science Fiction Author from Long Island, NY.

William is a lifelong space nerd, as well as a prolific reader and writer.  He recently stopped trying to write the perfect comedy-murder-heist-mystery, and started writing science fiction – because he felt rocket science would be easier.

He currently has two published works available, and both can be found on Amazon.  Just CLICK HERE to visit his Author Page.


Blue Dot: Book One is the first book of the Blue Dot Series, and tells the story of how private space exploration can succeed where governments have failed – as long as they don’t have too much of a moral compass.  CLICK HERE to purchase.  Yes, it’s available for Kindle Unlimited!

Telemetry is a short story about an alien in space searching the universe for radio signals, and what happens when they are found.  It’s short, but very funny.  “Telemetry” – can be purchased on the Amazon Kindle Store if you CLICK HERE.  You can also purchase Telemetry in various versions directly from this site by visiting our SHOP.

Remember, more work is coming very soon, so please check back often and follow/support the author however you can:

EMail:   williamjfiorilli@gmail.com
Twitter:  @williamfiorilli or Click Here
Amazon Author Page:  Click Here
Goodreads Author Page: Click Here

The author gets his best ideas while kayak fishing.